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call for digital art

August 29, 2007

international exhibition trumps all!

Digital Fringe – Call for entries:

Seeking Digital Art submissions – Deadline closes Friday 21st September:

Do you have some digital art that you want seen?
Digital Fringe is seeking submissions of digital visual material to broadcast over the Internet as a part of the The Age 2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival: September 26 to October 14.

We are calling for digital art works to display on all screens. These may be stills, animations, video art, short film, abstract pieces, audio, …whatever!

This material will make up part of the general stream which will play on all screens throughout the festival and can be accessed online. Artists will retain the copyright of all works under the Creative Commons licensing scheme.

Digital Fringe is an open access web based digital arts festival that runs in conjunction with The Age 2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Connecting to Melbourne and further afield through numerous screens, from the monster screen at Federation Square to a host of other screens around town, Digital Fringe will pop up in the most unlikely places.

For more info log onto


digital documentation of performance art

August 29, 2007


performance art, like digital art, is a fairly recent development in the history of art. perhaps the most distinctive quality of performance art is that it is ‘live’-or at least ephemeral. this raises the spectre of the impossibility of ‘true’ documentation of the work. consider digital media and performance art together for a moment. what are the possibilities of creating an engaging and complex digital image through an act of performance? what would digital imaging have to offer that image?

i think this is a fascinating area that needs to be addressed by digital artists and performance artists. it is well known that some of the best images in recent contemporary art have been the result of acts of performance. consider these images from patty chang and zhang huan for example.



artist presentation #1

August 29, 2007

if you are having difficulty finding an artist for your first presentation, here is a short list of artists that you could choose from.

annu palakunnathu matthew
ken gonzales-day
patricia piccinini
charles cohen
alexander apostol
paul smith
gerald van der kaap
joseph scheer
daniel canogar
dieter huber
andrea muller-pohle
anna marton

but remember-the point of this exercise is that you begin to build your own canon of artists that influence your work in the studio, and especially-conceptually. also remember that digital media is as much about the remix as anything else (aka “mashup”)-so you should consider the possibilities of what an application like photoshop can offer. ask yourself “why am i making a digital image?” see eduardo navas’ new blog remix theory for more info on the mash-up!


war photographer

August 29, 2007


today we are looking at the documentary film war photographer by christian frei.  i enjoy viewing and discussing this with students because it presents the notion of witnessing – a way of working as an artist who witnesses the world. at some point we are all out in the world, and this world-how ever we see it-becomes an integral part of our work. a prominent artist who has been a witness to the world is alfredo jaar.


alma lopez

August 26, 2007

alma lopez is an excellent example of an artist who has built intense digital images. often these digital images become murals in places like estrada courts or galeria de la raza-yet sometimes they are incredibly small as in the case of “our lady” (below) which generated international controversy (always good!-but never fun:( ). i encourage every student in the class to consider the notion of scale with their digital images-and check out alma lopez’ work here. she has had great success as both an artist and a designer. she remains one of my faves!






August 26, 2007

A photo-mosaic creator. You give it a model image and an image database, and it tries to build a mosaic looking like the model image by picking up the tiles in the database. The image database may be a simple folder, an iPhoto album, a sequence, a bunch of CD covers from iTunes, or a Delicious Library shelf. MozoDojo is free for personal use.


gary schneider: genetic self-portrait

August 26, 2007



August 24, 2007



August 24, 2007

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