artist presentation #1

August 29, 2007

if you are having difficulty finding an artist for your first presentation, here is a short list of artists that you could choose from.

annu palakunnathu matthew
ken gonzales-day
patricia piccinini
charles cohen
alexander apostol
paul smith
gerald van der kaap
joseph scheer
daniel canogar
dieter huber
andrea muller-pohle
anna marton

but remember-the point of this exercise is that you begin to build your own canon of artists that influence your work in the studio, and especially-conceptually. also remember that digital media is as much about the remix as anything else (aka “mashup”)-so you should consider the possibilities of what an application like photoshop can offer. ask yourself “why am i making a digital image?” see eduardo navas’ new blog remix theory for more info on the mash-up!



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