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Christiane Paul

September 26, 2007

today (in the intro course) we are discussing chapters 1 and 2 from christiane paul’s digital art (the required text for our course). paul is also adjunct curator of new media at the whitney where she is responsible for the artport. she also maintains intelligent agent. an interesting interview with paul from 2001 (before she wrote digital art for thames and hudson) is here.



simulation, ai, virtuality, immersion, and interactivity

September 24, 2007

this week in the advanced course we read “how i was played by online caroline” by jill walker. its a nice intro into the major philosophical and cultural debates currently being generated by what i term loosely “virtual culture.” in our advanced class we need to have an understanding of the history and possible trajectory of simulation, ai, virtuality, immersion, and interactivity in contemporary digital media arts. because these works are complex, both in technique and concept, they are almost always collaboratively built. one excellent example is blast theory who won the golden nica at ars electronica in 2003 for “can you see me now?” a pioneer in the field has been lynn hershman. check out “agent ruby.”

Lynn Hershman, Agent Ruby Mood Swing Diagram, 2002.

xu bing and signs

September 19, 2007

next week (in the intro course) we are going to focus on semiotics (the study of signs). understanding semiotic theory is an essential skill for both the artist and designer, but most importantly for anyone who thinks critically-visually. artist xu bing is perhaps today’s best pure semiotic thinker and i have linked an interview with him here.


more on open source

September 19, 2007

if you’re into video art and can’t afford final cut, try jashaka. and here is another interesting bit of open source for artists- pixen. attached is also a very, very, academic essay about new media art and open source. the author takes a close look at the pixelACHE fest/exhibition. there is also an intersesting open source sound project starting up at opsound. ardour is one of the best open source audio applications (audacity is very good too-but simple). also check out this great course idea for open source. and below is a pic of me in my studio last weekend working on setting up an old computer to make cutting edge digital art.



illegal art

September 19, 2007

ILLEGAL ART was a recent exhibition that featured artists and works that are pushing the limits of copyright. these artists are asking us to consider some tough questions about creativity in contemporary culture.


krystof wodiczko

September 19, 2007

wodiczko (mit professor and artist) has done an unbelievable series of digital images and digital videos designed for outdoor projection on the exterior surfaces of monumental buildings. the image below is projected onto the hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden.


local art/design opportunity

September 19, 2007

BuyWell International Coffee Roasting Company sponsors “The Art of Coffee”
More information:


Grand Prize winner receives a $50 cash prize and coffee package, plus a commission for art work to be permanently installed/displayed in the BuyWell warehouse, and recognition at our launch on October 18.

Honorable Mention winner receives a $25 cash prize and coffee package.

Coffee art entries will be displayed throughout the BuyWell International warehouse during the month of October (fair trade month).

Contest Theme
We invite artists to explore “The Art of Coffee” as a subject and/or medium for artwork

How to Enter
Anyone may enter. Produce your artwork on the theme “The Art of Coffee” in any artistic medium. Computer-generated art is acceptable. All work must be the original, unique creation of the artist submitting the artwork. No work that has been directly copied from any published source, or which includes such material, may be submitted. Artwork that has been previously published or exhibited is not permitted.
You may enter your artwork either digitally (on disk), by mailing a submission, or by turning in your work at The Up and Up. All entries must be received by BuyWell International no later than 5:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6 hours) on October 5, 2007

To enter by mail*, mail your art and your entry form to:

BuyWell International
4850 Northpark Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

*Artwork mailed to BuyWell International becomes the property of
BuyWell International and cannot be returned.

All reproduction rights to all of the submitted artwork will remain with the artists. However, all prize winners shall agree that BuyWell International is granted non-exclusive reproduction rights for advertising, promotion, print publication, and Internet purposes. BuyWell International agrees not to sell any of the artwork, or any reproduction, unless an additional agreement is reached with the artist involved. BuyWell International also will refer any inquiries regarding sale or other use of the art directly to the artist.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges selected by BuyWell International. Art will be judged on the artwork’s articulation of the contest theme, creativity, and artistic merit. One Grand Prize winner will be selected. One First, one Second, one Third, and five Honorable Mention winners will be selected in each age category (Youth and Adult). Judging decisions are final and may not be appealed.


All dates refer to Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6 hours). All entries must be received by BuyWell International no later than 5:00 PM on October 5, 2007. BuyWell International cannot be responsible for entries that are late due to computer malfunction, or for entries that are lost, delayed, or damaged in transit.

Judging will take place in early October. Following judging, the Grand Prize Winner will be notified of his or her status by e-mail and/or by telephone. Honorable Mention Winner will be notified by e-mail and/or by mail. A list of contest winners and their artworks will be posted on
Entrants who provide e-mail addresses will receive a one-time e-mail informing them of the results of the contest.

Becca Sickbert
Communications Director
BuyWell International
viva bien. ama bien. compra bien.
4850 Northpark Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918
719-598-7791 fax

call for entries

September 17, 2007

Select Media Festival 6
Deadline for project proposals: OCT 5, 2007
contact: edmar ed(at)

Select Media Festival 6 takes place November 9 to November 17, 2007 on space colonies orbiting Chicago.

SMF6: Space>Place>
We are seeking terrestrial-bodied people that make documentaries, short films, animations, interactive projects, workshops, music, skillshares, cultural interventions, visual art, sci-fi presentations and media to share and present to aliens and earthlings orbiting in an around Chicago.

Select Media Festival features video programs, brand new media, installations, performance programs, street art, public projects as well as experimental and advanced music. Our goal is to share innovative art and technology projects as well as culturally and socially charged work. The festival is produced by Public Media Institute and Lumpen. It is organized by artists and activists from Chicago. It is the sister festival to Version.

This years festivals components include:

– The Mothership; we will building a spaceship and welcome your additions and ideas to create installations within and around the spacecraft.

-Performance Program: Live music and performance.

-The Film/Video Program: Docs, shorts, animation. kick ass work.

-TLVSN: we will be airing and creating cable tv episodes during the festival. You can send us your tv programs and short videos to air on cable access during the festival. SMF will also tape all performances during the festival to air on tv on a future date.

-The Other net and The Brand New Media: Are you making technology and art projects? We are seeking sweet net-based and technology driven projects.

Space is the Place…
please join us.

open source

September 17, 2007

this week we are focusing on open source. as emerging digital artists, consider for a moment your own digital studio… do you have one? if you need to build one, what is it going to involve and how are you going to finance it? are you going to buy a new mac every 5 years, plus all the software? open source can be useful in this difficult task. while open source software has some obvious weak points (difficult learning curve, instability, etc), its strengths are its low cost and freedom for experimentation-two things that have helped artists survive for thousands of years. to make things even easier, dell and ubuntu have recently partnered to offer dell pc’s with ubuntu pre-installed. on a box like this you save several hundred bucks because you don’t pay for windows or os x.

open source also helps artists with access to digital materials like open source web design and the open clip art library, to name just a couple. even more exciting, at least to me, are applications like processing-a program designed to teach artists how to build their own software by “sketching.” there are also tons of specific oss programs for artists out there (we’ve already seen mozodojo), sketchup is a new one from google that is popular. another interesting one is contextfree (which i just found last night). these oss programs for artists have expanded the possibilities for creating digital images in dramatic ways. of course digital images are just a scratch on the surface of possibilities for digital artists working with oss or floss. every year in bergen, norway open source artists gather for piksel-an international exhibition of open source art. piksel is quickly gaining a reputation in the international contemporary art scene as one of the best exhibitions of digital art. open source remains contested territory for artists and developers-see this article here for an example of some of the issues.


ana mendieta series

September 12, 2007

you guys have probably figured out that i don’t make digital images (at least using photoshop, i do make gps drawings as performance art) consistently as part of my practice as an artist. yet it seems that every “intro to digital media course” around the nation begins with the digital image-thus i have you making some for the first half of the semester. so i spent yesterday trying to put myself in your position-a professor has asked me to make a series of digital images for a grade. i am responsible for all conceptual work (with the help of the professor) as well as the technique (with less help from the professor!). so i got started on my own major project #1. its going to be a warholian series about one of my favorite artists, ana mendieta. below is my first iteration from just tinkering and following my nose in photoshop and the gimp. its just the very beginning, who knows where it will go next, but at least the ice has been broken.