ana mendieta series

September 12, 2007

you guys have probably figured out that i don’t make digital images (at least using photoshop, i do make gps drawings as performance art) consistently as part of my practice as an artist. yet it seems that every “intro to digital media course” around the nation begins with the digital image-thus i have you making some for the first half of the semester. so i spent yesterday trying to put myself in your position-a professor has asked me to make a series of digital images for a grade. i am responsible for all conceptual work (with the help of the professor) as well as the technique (with less help from the professor!). so i got started on my own major project #1. its going to be a warholian series about one of my favorite artists, ana mendieta. below is my first iteration from just tinkering and following my nose in photoshop and the gimp. its just the very beginning, who knows where it will go next, but at least the ice has been broken.




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