blogs as art

September 12, 2007

i see the blog as a basic building block of digital media and digital culture. i also think that blogs are underused in the creative sense. as “digital artists” we should consider a blog as a tool or method for making art rather than as a just a blog. blogs have been around for a long time (in digital media time-which is like dog years) and thus they have already become canonized and conventionalized. beginning in 2005 rhizome curator and artist marisa olson got together with artist abe linkoln and together they built a blog that “curated” (curated appears in qoutes here only because digital media is expanding the ways we think of curation-as an act of gathering art for display) blogs understood as “works” themselves. i find this fascinating and its here. one of my faves is eduardo navas‘s “diary of a star.” the show appears to have ended in january of 07 or so, so there might be some 404‘s, but the works in the blogroll are outstanding and take you into the web (net, online) in a novel way. in addition, for the those of you who are considering building a site to showcase your work-consider a blog rather than building an entire site. in fact, several of today’s “hot” digital artists use blogs to do this. i like cory arcangel‘s blog.

another great recent example of the blog as a tool for art making is the work superfund365 by brook singer (hosted by turbulence-an organization that funds, curates and supports of course we will discuss later in the semester).

sure, we can build images in photoshop or the gimp, but blogs just might prove to be a far more interesting digital phenomenon and blogging are far more useful skill. remember, digital media moves fast…don’t get caught watching the layers.


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