call for entries

September 17, 2007

Select Media Festival 6
Deadline for project proposals: OCT 5, 2007
contact: edmar ed(at)

Select Media Festival 6 takes place November 9 to November 17, 2007 on space colonies orbiting Chicago.

SMF6: Space>Place>
We are seeking terrestrial-bodied people that make documentaries, short films, animations, interactive projects, workshops, music, skillshares, cultural interventions, visual art, sci-fi presentations and media to share and present to aliens and earthlings orbiting in an around Chicago.

Select Media Festival features video programs, brand new media, installations, performance programs, street art, public projects as well as experimental and advanced music. Our goal is to share innovative art and technology projects as well as culturally and socially charged work. The festival is produced by Public Media Institute and Lumpen. It is organized by artists and activists from Chicago. It is the sister festival to Version.

This years festivals components include:

– The Mothership; we will building a spaceship and welcome your additions and ideas to create installations within and around the spacecraft.

-Performance Program: Live music and performance.

-The Film/Video Program: Docs, shorts, animation. kick ass work.

-TLVSN: we will be airing and creating cable tv episodes during the festival. You can send us your tv programs and short videos to air on cable access during the festival. SMF will also tape all performances during the festival to air on tv on a future date.

-The Other net and The Brand New Media: Are you making technology and art projects? We are seeking sweet net-based and technology driven projects.

Space is the Place…
please join us.


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