sound art/sonic art

October 29, 2007

this week’s node in the intro course is sound art. this genre has many origins and that makes it difficult to point students in any one direction. but certainly the influence of john cage, whether or not he considered his work “art” or “music,” is omnipresent for contemporary sonic artists.  a good place to start poking around in this area is the sonic arts network. also check out the ccmixter. an excellent book about the influence of sonic culture on contemporary art has been written by djspooky, who is also one of new media’s most sought after contemporary artists. one monumental contribution to digital art from sound art is midi (musical instrument digital interface), which allows artists to hook up peripherals to computers for live performance. since midi is such a successful translation, just about anything can get hooked into a computer for real time interaction. take a look at pure data and max msp. if you’re into it, check out the links in the sonic section.


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