November 7, 2007

today’s node is techno-performance, that shifting terrain of art and the body in/under techno cultures. considering performance art quickly-according to amelia jones it is most often about intersubjectivity (the subject of the work of art and the object of the work of art are the same). so, in the “traditional” performance art canon, embodiment is everything. but what happens when bodies become telematic, networked, or virtual? what about databodies? some pioneers in thinking critically in this area are donna haraway with her seminal essay “the cyborg manifesto” and n. katherine hayles’ work on the post-human. i’ve already mentioned that second front has been invited to participate with one of their second life performances in performa this year, some more recent works of techno-performance have been done by los cybrids, coco fusco, la pocha nostra, stelarc, christina mcphee, survival research labs, laurie anderson, and subrosa-to name just a few of my own influences. franklin furnace funds the future of the present, which is a great way to start tracking down recent efforts in the intersection of performance art and technology. one of my recent faves is the black factory by william pope l. some great books on the topic have recently been published-=digital performance and data made flesh are very good. an outstanding blog on networked performance is maintained by turbulence. what software might techno-performance artists employ? max msp, pure data, and isadora are obvious choices-but this type of work runs by any media necessary.




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