tactical media

November 12, 2007

tactical media begins with the work of french philosopher michel de certeau and his book the practice of everyday life. de certeau’s discussion of tactics has greatly influenced creative practices in recent years. another origin point of tactical media is the next five minutes festival which, as appropriate to tactical media theory, is no longer running. n5m was organized by geert lovink (remember geert from net.art?) and others. lovink has an excellent essay on tactical media here—- abc-of-tactical-media.pdf. a recent successful american exhibition was held at massmoca in 2004. titled “the interventionists,” this great collection of work also featured an outstanding catalogue edited by sholette and thompson. another important influence in tactical media practices is that of the situationists and their work on spectacle and detournement. tactical media presents us with some of contemporary art’s most important collectives that every student should know about-like the carbon defense league, the surveillance camera players or rtmark. but some of my faves are the yes men, the institute for applied autonomy, lucy orta, yomango, william pope l., and michael rakowitz. if you don’t yet know about eyebeam or p.s.1, then you should now.



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