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Krzysztof Wodiczko

February 13, 2008


this is one of my favorite artists. in the intro class we are sharing artists that influence our work this week. earlier i asked my students to consider the “place of their images” in the world. often this world is branded by the visual culture created on a massive scale by multicultural corporations. but visual culture is vast and is increasingly made up of “public secrets” that lie just below the top layer of public signification we experience everyday. wodiczko is one of the artists who during the last twenty years has tactically placed his images in public to raise questions about what is hidden, implied, ambigous, etc.




motivation for making digital images

February 6, 2008

for source material check out the new york public library digital image archive here. an interesting project was posted on rhizome yesterday here. i also like this site-Digital Librarian: a librarian’s choice of the best of the Web. really cool…
if its nasa images that you want, then you can find them here. there are so many interesting tools that an artist can use to create digital images. today’s artist needs to be apprised of the current ubiquitous nature of digital technology. i.e.- we need to move out of the art world and engage everyday technologies with our work. re-tool, re-mix, re-purpose, re-invent, mash it up folks and let’s see what you got…
here is an interesting project that i found on networked performance. its certainly but is also a digital image project. which raises another issue about your digital images-why do you make them? who are they for? where do they live?


there is also a fantastic looking call for entries here.

digital artists handbook

January 30, 2008

this is impressive! brought to you by goto10 who i think did the puredyne release. students, read this asap!


back in black

January 30, 2008

its about time to get the cob webs off of my blog. my students are out blogging me (which is great)! anyway, here is something interesting…ticu-flag.jpg