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January 30, 2008

this is impressive! brought to you by goto10 who i think did the puredyne release. students, read this asap!


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October 31, 2007

today’s node in the intro course is for me this in one of the most exciting and conceptually challenging areas of the electronic arts. perhaps the most influential critical author on networked art and cultures so far has been geert lovink. his book dark fiber is like a guidebook for many net artists. i also think that¬† paul’s treatment of in our course text is quite excellent. another good source is rachel greene’s “a short history of internet art” as well as mark amerika’s “how to be an internet artist.”¬† s0, perhaps s0me0ne in the intr0 c0urse is g0ing to build their final pr0ject on the net? check out the links for more info and resources. if you’re conceptually skilled you can find a way to make a work of without buying hosting and working in dreamweaver. if you need hosting and a domain (crucial!) try bluehost or broadpsire. check out one of my favorite works of here and here.