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digital artists handbook

January 30, 2008

this is impressive! brought to you by goto10 who i think did the puredyne release. students, read this asap!



more on open source

September 19, 2007

if you’re into video art and can’t afford final cut, try jashaka. and here is another interesting bit of open source for artists- pixen. attached is also a very, very, academic essay about new media art and open source. the author takes a close look at the pixelACHE fest/exhibition. there is also an intersesting open source sound project starting up at opsound. ardour is one of the best open source audio applications (audacity is very good too-but simple). also check out this great course idea for open source. and below is a pic of me in my studio last weekend working on setting up an old computer to make cutting edge digital art.



open source

September 17, 2007

this week we are focusing on open source. as emerging digital artists, consider for a moment your own digital studio… do you have one? if you need to build one, what is it going to involve and how are you going to finance it? are you going to buy a new mac every 5 years, plus all the software? open source can be useful in this difficult task. while open source software has some obvious weak points (difficult learning curve, instability, etc), its strengths are its low cost and freedom for experimentation-two things that have helped artists survive for thousands of years. to make things even easier, dell and ubuntu have recently partnered to offer dell pc’s with ubuntu pre-installed. on a box like this you save several hundred bucks because you don’t pay for windows or os x.

open source also helps artists with access to digital materials like open source web design and the open clip art library, to name just a couple. even more exciting, at least to me, are applications like processing-a program designed to teach artists how to build their own software by “sketching.” there are also tons of specific oss programs for artists out there (we’ve already seen mozodojo), sketchup is a new one from google that is popular. another interesting one is contextfree (which i just found last night). these oss programs for artists have expanded the possibilities for creating digital images in dramatic ways. of course digital images are just a scratch on the surface of possibilities for digital artists working with oss or floss. every year in bergen, norway open source artists gather for piksel-an international exhibition of open source art. piksel is quickly gaining a reputation in the international contemporary art scene as one of the best exhibitions of digital art. open source remains contested territory for artists and developers-see this article here for an example of some of the issues.



August 26, 2007

A photo-mosaic creator. You give it a model image and an image database, and it tries to build a mosaic looking like the model image by picking up the tiles in the database. The image database may be a simple folder, an iPhoto album, a sequence, a bunch of CD covers from iTunes, or a Delicious Library shelf. MozoDojo is free for personal use.