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Krzysztof Wodiczko

February 13, 2008


this is one of my favorite artists. in the intro class we are sharing artists that influence our work this week. earlier i asked my students to consider the “place of their images” in the world. often this world is branded by the visual culture created on a massive scale by multicultural corporations. but visual culture is vast and is increasingly made up of “public secrets” that lie just below the top layer of public signification we experience everyday. wodiczko is one of the artists who during the last twenty years has tactically placed his images in public to raise questions about what is hidden, implied, ambigous, etc.




digital artists handbook

January 30, 2008

this is impressive! brought to you by goto10 who i think did the puredyne release. students, read this asap!


xu bing and signs

September 19, 2007

next week (in the intro course) we are going to focus on semiotics (the study of signs). understanding semiotic theory is an essential skill for both the artist and designer, but most importantly for anyone who thinks critically-visually. artist xu bing is perhaps today’s best pure semiotic thinker and i have linked an interview with him here.